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TwoPointOh – now on Tumblr!

November 15, 2007

To quote Theophrastus, “time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” – and I don’t have a lot to spare on blogging. I like to carefully consider and edit my blog posts, backing everything up with research and links. It’s very time consuming.

I had supplemented the blog feed with the ma.gnolia daily summaries of my bookmarks, which some may have found useful, but frankly they look a bit crap – so that’s gone now.

But now Tumblr 3.0 is out, and it suits my needs perfectly – you’ll find my Tumblr blog at For those who aren’t familiar with Tumblr, it lets you post a whole range of media to a mini-blog (photos, quotes, links, comments, audio, video etc) – but the real killer bit is that you can import content from other feeds such as flickr, wordpress, twitter, etc – anything with RSS.

So please subscribe to if you’d like to keep up with the following:

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