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2 reasons the web is getting exciting for the 3rd time

May 31, 2007

In late 2005/early 2006, the web industry got exciting as it went through this whole ‘2.0’ thing – a revolution of sorts. At it’s height so many fantastically unique applications and websites were emerging, based on truly new techniques and technologies.

Then earlier this year, frankly, it got boring.

More sites than ever were being launched, but they were all so samey – nothing new, nothing interesting – just variations on a theme: local stuff, event planning, a social network for yet another niche, digg clones, sharing opinions, map mashups, and more bloody widgets than you could shake a stick at.

But in the last couple of days two things have really grabbed my attention.

They’re technologies really, but ones with really clear applications that I think will have a profound effect on the way web companies conduct their business, probably on a par with AJAX. I’m serious – this is really exciting stuff.

  1. Google Gears – take your application offline (in a good way).
  2. Facebook Platform – reach the social masses – the network is now a commodity.

I’ll post a some more in depth information soon, but in the meantime take a look and have a think about they could apply to your business. If you’re not a techie yourself but you have developers working for you, then get them to have a nosey for you.

If you’re not interested, then you’ve probably only just woken up to social networking – sorry, you missed the boat!

For help on web technology and business strategy, or just for somebody to bounce ideas off, do give me a call.

PS: Fairly unrelated to the web, but Microsoft Surface got me quite excited too…

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