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IPC launches InStyle’s UK website

May 9, 2007

Last week IPC unveiled the new Instyle UK website which has been in development from the start of this year and is IPCs first new website launch of 2007. Earlier in the year, Country Life‘s website was relaunched.

The website was developed in partnership with Instyle US, and unlike all other IPC sites it uses Time Inc‘s 6 year-old Vignette based CMS and tools. However it also uses IPC’s Symfony-based “CMS2” technologies that were developed for Country Life.

I’ve not seen any comment or analysis in the press yet – they’re just reporting the launch as per the release.

This is the first IPC site to come out of my old department that I’ve not been heavily involved in, and I think they’ve done an excellent job – I believe it’s pretty much on budget and on time, and from a quick click around has well tested.
The site has much more of a celebrity focus than I’d have thought, with fashion constantly in the background – but that’s the way the US site has been moving recently as well. Previously it was much more product based. However the US site does still cover more products than the UK site, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until they build up the archive over here.

The launch is being supported by a paid-search campaign – which makes sense since they chose to launch with a brand new domain which would get sandboxed.  I noticed that one of the keywords they’re bidding on is [celebrity news], which I’d imagine is pretty competitive – and somewhere we’re going to want to push Now and Look as well.

If anybody spots any critics of the site, I’d be interested to see them. In the meantime, have a look yourself and feel free to comment below.

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