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May 2, 2007 has relaunched today as a travel website – NOT a clothing website as it once was or as their preview suggested… relaunches - as a travel site…!?

Now I know what blog commenter was hinting at when they said I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Surprised all right. In hindsight, their comment on Neil Perkin’s blog now makes sense!

Their about page says

Our is new, but we have years of experience in travel.
In fact, we’ve booked travel for over 12,000,000 people from 250 countries since our first site launched in 1999.

But they don’t give away who’s really behind the site. Apparently it’s actually owned and run by the Irish owners of, WSI.

So at the end of the day they’re simply trading on a famous (or rather infamous) name – no need to build a brand. Plus of course bloggers such as myself will link to them!

The logo’s a bit ropey IMHO, and their content pages (eg New York) are very cluttered. And the CSS is crap. The search seems to work quite well, but at the moment they only have B&B’s, Hostels, Villas and the like – no proper hotels…

More coverage on Mashable.

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