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The Future of Start-ups and Web Companies – Mike Arrington (TechCrunch)

February 20, 2007

The Future of Start-ups and Web Companies

Mike Arrington (TechCrunch)
Notes from The Future of Web Apps conference, London, 2007

Key factors of success for start-ups

  1. Have a good idea
    • Invent a market (digg)
    • Destroy a market (eg craigslist)
    • Remove friction (eg youtube, skype) – eg cost, tech
  2. Have a business plan
    • (But be prepared to throw it out…)
  3. Have a revenue model
    • Youtube was burning $1m a month on bandwidth…
    • Myspace was making $25m a month before google deal
  4. Build it cheap, test the water
    • Research is bad? [Maybe if you have an early adopter audience…]
  5. Avoid high burn rates
    • Stay hungry!

AIME.ST – digg for music, price varies by popularity, defined by downloads

  • Solve a real problem
  • You must (as founders, devs, etc) blog
  • Create buzz – and if you can’t, then rethink your product (not your marketing)

Opportunities in 2007

  1. Offline / Online
    • Adobe Apollo lets you create offline apps using html, ajax, etc
    • Firefox 3.0 is rumoured to include offline capabilities
    • Websites that access the filesystem
  2. DRM for music/tv/movies
    • Anybody who can crack this has it made
    • Joost is working on it
  3. Data and service portability
    • Teqlo, Ning, Pipes
  4. Mobile
    • Edwin Aoki, Chief Architect at AOL and Chris(?) Wiles, Product Manager at Google agree
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