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Eight smart Yahoo Web 2.0 acquisitions – update

January 16, 2007

Emre Sokullu at Read/WriteWeb comments on a Yahoo‘s recent acquisitions – and in hindsight it looks like they picked up some real bargains (although most of the prices aren’t public).  What’s surprising is that 2006 saw just three purchases – they were ahead of the curve and the spree was really in 2005. 

Their two point oh round-up looks like this:

  1. – blog pinging service
  2. Flickr – photo sharing
  3. Upcoming – price unknown
  4.  – social bookmarking
  5. Konfabulator – desktop search
  6. Jumpcut – online video
  7. Bix – online karaoke
  8. MyBlogLog – social networking

Yahoo certainly paid less for the whole basket of web 2.0 apps than Google paid for YouTube… perhaps they learnt from the experience of spendingUS$3.6bn on GeoCities in 1999.

Wikipedia has a complete list of Yahoo acquisitions dating back to the (first) dotcom boom.

Update: Pete Abilla has put together a neat timeline of acquisitions by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft using Ajax.

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