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AJAX frameworks and libraries

December 7, 2005

It looks like we’re going to get some funding next year to do some development on our in house CMS (currently surviving without a catchy name – suggestions on a postcard…) – part of which is going to be improving the interface to make it a very usable application. In 2006 there will be 100’s of people using it, compared to the half-dozen when it was first built. Clunky is no longer acceptable.

So I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading up on AJAX. We’ve already using it of sorts, but cobbled together over the years and very painfully too, as we had to support IE5 on the Mac (*shudder*) with IFRAME hackery. The world has moved on now (IPC are now on OS X / Safari!), so I’m considering our options for using an AJAX framework. The plan would be to build a ‘vanilla’ app first of course, and add the funky stuff later 🙂

So far I’ve had a nosey at the “Prototype” AJAX framework, the fairly famous AJAX library (which I always forget how to spell!) and “Rico” which is a library extending

I’m on the lookout for more options – but working on Safari on a Mac is a requirement….

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